First Impressions

First impressions count, buyers will have already formed an impression before they step into your property. A well-kept garden, pathway and fence and a freshly painted front door are immediately appealing, whereas a scruffy outdoor space with a rubbish bin outside the front door may turn off many potential buyers. You need to keep in mind that you´re not going to make the changes to live in your home. Your only goal is to show your home at its very best to potential buyers.

Make Repairs

Fix dripping taps, replace broken tiles, recoat dirty or scratched paintwork and make sure all sockets and light switches are working. Some repairs such as replacing marked and burnt work surfaces may be costly but you can either do the repairs now or price the house accordingly as a buyer will base an offer on all the things that need fixing

Keep It Neutral

You may love the way your home looks, but it may not be to everyone´s taste. Selling your house is about marketing a lifestyle. Potential buyers walking through your home want to imagine themselves as the owners, so always keep your buyer in mind. If you use styles or colours your buyers would never select, you´ve just turned them off. Repaint bright walls in neutral, light colours. Creams and beiges are good. You are aiming to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Neutral colours sell. It´s a fact

De-Personalise and De-Clutter

Buyer´s typically decide if they like a house in the first 10 seconds of walking in the front door. Buying a home is an emotional decision. You want potential buyers to make an emotional connection with your home by being able to see themselves in it.

Remove objects that your potential buyers won´st be able to identify with. Remove personal items, such as ornaments, knick-knacks, family photographs and children´ss drawings / posters, which may distract potential buyers. It may sound harsh but it is reality and really does help sell property.

Buyers are interested in spaces, not your stuff - keep rooms tidy and uncluttered. Tidying away the day-to-day debris that inevitably accumulates will help to show off a room´ss potential and will make things feel a lot more spacious. Put things you don´st really use on a daily basis in the attic or storage. Large pieces of furniture should also go into storage; this will make rooms feel much bigger.

You´sre aiming to create a space that buyers can ultimately imagine as their own

Clean Meticulously

Your home must sparkle! Dirt is a turnoff. Spring Clean your house from top to bottom before putting on the market. A dirty house spells neglect and makes the buyer wonder what else is wrong. Remember to clean the curtains and carpets, wash down paintwork and clean windows. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, which need to be inviting and hygienic.

Pay attention to the smells. Homebuyers use all their senses when getting the feel of your home. Buyers will probably be wise to the smell of freshly ground coffee or baked bread, but smell is incredibly important. Bear in mind that cooking odours can linger, so avoid cooking with strong flavours before a viewing and don´st forget to empty the rubbish bin

Is That An Office Or A Bedroom?

Think about how you are marketing the property and how it appears. If you use a bedroom as a storage room or study think how you can give it the impression of being a bedroom. Buyers need to know what each room is for.

Keep Pets Backstage

Not every buyer is pet friendly. Do try to keep any pets out of the way or under control, especially if they are nervous. Many people are uncomfortable around animals and the pets may also be upset by strangers in their home. Although you may love your pets, they can be off-putting to other people, and smells can be offensive, so make sure there are no lingering odours in furniture or flooring. Consider getting someone else to look after them during a viewing. Keep food bowls and litter boxes out of sight


If you are moving out before the property is sold, leave as much furniture as you can, so potential buyers do not need to work too hard in imagining what each room is for. It makes the property look more inviting and homely. Also use attractive accessories to add style and lifestyle appeal.


Everyone knows that first impressions count. So make the effort to clean up, and make sure your house is tidy and inviting. You will probably be letting the agent do the viewings so let them do their job as they should know what they are doing. We advise going out during viewings.
Only let someone in if they´sve made an appointment; if someone turns up on your doorstep, ask them to ring your agent to arrange a viewing.
You´sre letting strangers into your home, so don´st give away security arrangements or leave valuables lying around.

Accepting Offers

Market conditions, the competition and how much the buyer likes the property will determine what the buyer is prepared to offer. Similarly, the price you will be prepared to accept will depend on market conditions, how quickly you need to sell, and the size of your budget for moving.

Compromise on both sides is often the key to securing a deal. Also, know whether you want to keep all your furniture, curtains and white goods, as many of these items may not suit your next home, and can be used as effective bargaining tools